Benton Communications is one of approximately 250 rural cooperatives in the United States providing its member’s state-of-the-art technologies with a personal home-town touch.  Originally formed to improve rural telephone service options in the area, the Cooperative now provides several cutting-edge services including Cable TV, High-Speed Internet, and advanced phone features.
Benton Communications serves the following communities:

Rice       320(393) Phone, Cable TV & Internet available in all areas.

Ramey   320(355) Phone, Cable TV & Internet available in most areas.

Gilman   320(387) Phone, Cable TV & Internet available in all areas.

Bock      320(556) Phone, Cable TV & Internet available in all areas.

Foreston 320(294) Phone & Internet available in all areas.

Learn about the Benefits of a Cooperative…

AUTOMATIC ENROLLMENT:  That’s right; there is nothing you need to do other than utilize communication services provided by Benton Cooperative Telephone Company.  In today’s environment everyone has choices and if you choose us, we will reward you.  Wouldn’t it be nice if everything in life was that easy?

Benton REWARDS:  You will receive a statement highlighting your Benton Rewards activity for the year.  This money is yours and over time it will be paid back to you, even if you need to move.  Benton Rewards are not something to overlook.  For customers that utilize telephone, long distance, Internet and calling features they have seen 15-20% annual rewards.

CASH BACK BONUSES:  Annually your account is reviewed and Cash Back is issued.  A lower percentage of your account balance is distributed the first years, but look for larger cash back payments when you’ve been with us for a few years. Benton Rewards and Cash Back Bonuses are available assuming the Cooperative is profitable.

VOTING RIGHTS:  As a member, you can nominate and vote for members of the board of directors at Benton Cooperative Telephone Company.  You are also entitled to run for office.  See our by-laws listed in the telephone directory for more information on this process.

Cooperatives .Owned by Our Members. Committed to Our Community.